The European Educators' Christian Association (EurECA) is a European network for Christian teachers working in schools – whether state-funded or private, from kindergarten to university – and for Christian home educators and others who are interested in promoting Christian education.

EurECA provides a forum for:

  • sharing testimony, witness and vision
  • sharing materials and ideas
  • offering practical encouragement and support
  • prayer and fellowship
  • learning and sharing


Sorry if this website looks a bit dusty!

We are busy getting a new one! 


EurECA is now registered in Switzerland

Following up on the decision of the General Assembly 2019, we have changed our legal affiliation from Germany to Switzerland. The new postal address is:

c/o Vereinigte Bibelgruppen VBG
Zeltweg 18
8032 Zürich

For details, refer to "Contact us"