Can anyone join EurECA?

EurECA is open to Christians working in all kinds of schools and at all levels of education, as well as home educators and people working for churches or Christian educational organizations. EurECA has members and supporters in most European countries, from Norway to Spain; from Russia to Ireland. EurECA provides a meeting place for Christian educators who share the same vision, but who come from different cultural, political, theological and philosophical backgrounds. This diversity leads to stimulating discussions and generates new insights about what it means to be a Christian educator in today’s Europe.

Members of EurECA may be:

  1. Educational organisations and committees who recognize the basis and work of EurECA as well as its constitution; and
  2. Individuals who especially wish to engage themselves for the aims of EurECA.

How much does it cost to join EurECA?

The annual subscription is € 60 (£ 55 for UK and 80 Sfr. for Swiss) organisational members and € 15 (£14 UK members and 20 Sfr.) for individual members.

How do I join EurECA?

If you identify with one of the categories above, and if you agree with the Statement of Faith, we would love to welcome you as a member.

You can simply fill in the online application form below. The Board will review your application and welcome you if you fulfill the above requirements.

Click here to file a Membership Application