Membership Application

Before completing the form, please read carefully the following:

Statement of Aims

EurECA aims to:

  1. encourage contact between Christian organizations in the field of education across Europe;
  2. be a European forum for debate in Christian education;
  3. encourage international exchange among Christians in education including through literature and media;
  4. be a professional organization in specific areas, e.g. in the development of an educational philosophy and pedagogy with a biblical basis.

These aims will be realized mainly through conferences, working committees, literature and media.


Members of EurECA may be:

  1. Educational organizations and committees who recognize the basis of faith and the general work of EurECA as well as its constitution;
  2. Individuals who especially wish to engage themselves in working towards the aims of EurECA.

If you support these goals and identify with one of the above categories, and if you agree with our Statement of Faith (the EEA statement of faith), you are welcome to fill in the application form below. The Board will review you application and be happy to welcome you into our network.

 organizational membership
 * I/We hereby affirm and subscribe to the EurECA statement of faith and wish to engage myself/ourselves for the aims of EurECA.