... from EurECA Conference 2009

The theme of the 2009 EurECA Conference was ‘How should Christians teach?’ As preparation for the conference, every participant was asked to prepare in advance a short story from the classroom. This was to be a written description of a particular moment of teaching and learning in which personal transformation (of any kind, not only ‘spiritual’ in the narrow sense of the word) happened to the writer and/or others.  During the conference workshop sessions, the participants were put into small groups to look at each other’s stories and work together to write a commentary on each in the light of what the main speaker, David Smith, was sharing in the plenary sessions.

A selection from these stories is available under the title 'True Stories of Transformation from the Classroom'.

... from EurECA Conference 2006

Conference 2006 was a working conference with the theme of “The Christian Worldview in Schools: Sharing experience, materials and practical ideas with Christians from all over Europe”. The conference took place over the Ascension weekend (May 25 - 28) in Graz, Austria.

The 70 participants (including 60 who were resident and 10 who were day visitors) worked together in small groups on materials and ideas that they had brought with them to the conference.

catalogue of materials and ideas has been put together as the outcome of this process.

Please note that these resources are the work of individual educators and the views expressed in them are not necessarily endorsed by the Board or membership of the European Educators' Christian Association (EurECA).

...from the EurECA Conference 1997

In 1997, EurECA members met together in Prague to formulate a declaration about Christian education and the role of Christian educators in Europe. This document is known as The Prague Declaration.